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5대째 이어져 오는 자연의원

The JSD Clinic has been offering fully comprehensive whole-body treatments for five generations. By combining the benefits of the traditional medicine with the modern medicine we have developed the most innovative medical treatment methods in the field. For example, our most advanced treatment method- the Cell Rejuvenation Therapy, is designed to clear out the hidden blood clots that are untreatable by any other conventional methods. With this innovative thorough cell cleansing method we now can “reboot” and “rejuvenate” your whole body system. All of our treatment starts from precise diagnosis which effectively identifies the root causes of disorders. Then we proceed to clean the cells so the body can regenerate itself to a disease-free healthy body.

침뜸, 한약, 부항, 괄사, 재활 물리 요법, 식이 요법 영양관리, 세포청소, 마사지, 추나, 빛 치료, 명리 상담. 

Allen Jaseng Lee from JSD Acupuncture & Physio Rehab is from South Korea. He has passed down 6th generation knowledge of traditional natural treatment (from universal spirit philosophy, geomancy, reiki, bone therapy, Qigong, acupuncture, herbology to tuina) from the ancestors. He inherited natural healing clinics that had been very famous for gynecology disease, internal disease, and eye disease from South Korea. He had established JSD Acupuncture & Physio Rehab at North York and has been helping people around the area. He has been well known for his diligent work ethic and his extraordinary healing skills. JSD Clinic has been passed down for five generations and to be continued.

He has established international Korean traditional medicine school for future practitioners in Canada. He is a member of Canadian Ophthalmological Society, and US alternative medicine member. He is an inventor of new innovative treatment with trade-mark from Canadian Federal government and leads Canadian and US natural medicine organization.

With combination of his experience and ancestors experience on acupuncture and Korean traditional treatment, Allen Jaseng Lee form JSD Clinic had been noticing the limitation in treating modern disease given such environmental changes compare to recent years. He dedicated his life innovating Korean traditional treatment.

Our lifestyle from days when there were no light and compare to now is very different from eating, drinking, activities, whole life has changed significantly compare to old days. The level of stress that our body and mind gets is more intense. Therefore, the disease has been also evolving as our lifestyle has been improving but, the traditional treatment technique is stuck in the past.

For example, the traditional treatment (acupuncture, cupping, moxi) has been developed when there was no electricity or computer, but the technique is still being used through the world. Also, environmental conditions for medicinal herbs had been changed so much compare to old days. The techniques and tools and machines had changed a lot as well. It feels like wearing an old costume with neck ties and dress shoes.

We feel that old fashioned way of traditional treatment would not be able to catch up the new revolutionized disease. With tremendous effort to innovate the treatment with combination of traditional and modern treatment, we now have invented innovative treatment. We have Trade-Mark from Canadian government on the treatments and as well as on the equipment. With combined work with SM Biotechnology, we have been treating patients with rare diseases and common diseases and passing down the technique and treatment to US, Korea, and Japan. Also, Allen Jaseng Lee from JSD Clinic dedicated his life in improving traditional medicine.

JSD Clinic, we only use 100% natural organic herbs with traditional and secret recipe that has been passing down five generation ancestors, coupled with SM Biotechnology research and development team has developed convenient and highly effective medicines. These medicines from cold and diabetes and cancer, combination of traditional and modern techniques that have been implemented through.

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The Comprehensive and Innovative Care We Offer at JSD

Rejuvenating cell therapy, Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Light Therapy, Chiro- Massage Therapy, Physio-Tuina Therapy, Fermented Natural Herbal Medicine, Qigong & Skin Scraping, Nutrition Therapy, Meditational Therapy, Self-healing Exercise Coaching.


Our innovative therapy is highly effective in treating the following illnesses:


All kinds of Circulatory disorders, Cancer, Leukemia, Insomnia, Aftereffects of motor vehicle accidents, various types of pain, Gastric disorder due to indigestion, Stress related illnesses, Chest pain, Skin disorders, Thyroid disorders, Prostate disease, Hemorrhoids, Headaches, Migraine, Neck/ Shoulder/ Back pain & muscle spasm, Cold, Flu, Post-stroke sequelae, Knee & ankle pain

조상 대대로부터 전수된 특수한 비방을 바탕으로 순수 천연 허브만을 이용하여 전통과 현대과학이 만나 이루어낸 SM 생명공학 연구팀의 제조공법을 통해 복용하기는 쉽고, 효과는 강력하게 만들어 낸 의약품으로 미 식품 의약국(FDA)으로 부터 다양한 연구와 심사를 거쳐 OTC Drug (비처방 의약품) 으로 ‘사람부터 동물용 의약품’ 까지 승인을 받았습니다.

이제 여러분들의 주변에 다음과 같은 질병으로 고통 받고 계시는 가족이나 친지 분들이 계신 다면 자신 있게 권장 해 주십시오.

그동안 받으셨던 어떤 치료보다도 감히 ‘혁신적인 치료의 기회’ 가 될 수 있을 것이 라고 추천합니다. (동물용 의약품도 있습니다)

Registration for OTC DRUG completed And certified by FDA

This shall be goodnews for those who have suffered from various long-term illnesses.

Our OTC DRUGS were patented for contributing to the following benefits:

Stimulation of blood circulation, immunity, vitality, detoxification, and reproduction of nerve cells through the use of natural herbs

NDC was obtained following the deliberation process by CDER (Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research) of FDA.

Our OTC DRUGS, the over-the-counter drugs were also approved by FDA Nonprescription Drug Monograph.

This approval was obtained following many clinical tests and verification towards humans to animals.

In the event where you find your family members and relatives having suffered from the following illnesses, please recommend our therapies.

I am positive that you will receive one of the most innovative therapies you have ever did. (Our clinic also carries products for animals.)

Various medical products approved as OTC DRUGS by FDA:

  • Croim: To help the treatment of chronic fatigue, weak constitution,
    Stress and cold and improve concentration and memory of Test-takers and office workers
  • Prouri: To help the treatment of prostate, sexual dysfunction, Urinary incontinence and muscular dystrophy
  • Circum: To help the treatment of menopausal disorder, menstrual pain, Menstrual irregularity, infertility, cold hands and Feet syndrome,
    insomnia, depression, alopecia and aging
  • Hepati: To help the treatment of liver, hepatic disease, tuberculosis, Pernicious anemia and lupus
  • Arthrit: To help the treatment of gout, frozen shoulder, Arthritis, numbness and cramps
  • Atocell: To help the treatment of atopy, herpes zoster, dry skin, Urticaria, allergy and skin ailment
  • Heart Q: To help the treatment of cardiac disease, renopathy, Renal failure, renal dialysis and nephrotic syndrome
  • Diat: To help the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, Hypertension / hypotension, asthma, chronic headaches, Migraine, gastroenteropathy and gum disease
  • Disordergen: To improve blood circulation and immunity, vitalize body Parts and produce nerve cells (Examples: Acute Myocardial Infarction, 
    Atherosclerosis, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. Parkinson-Plus Syndrome Sepsis, Septicemia, Numbness, paralysis etc.) Treatment & prevention.
  • Anti - cancergen: To help the treatment of cancer, leukemia and brain tumor
  • QItongilwan: To improve blood circulation and immunity, Vitalize body parts and produce nerve cells
  • Pet - circle: To improve blood circulation and immunity, Vitalize body parts and produce nerve cells

12 kinds of types OTC Drug

  • Young Enzyme: To improve blood circulation and immunity, Vitalize body parts and produce nerve cells, health functional food.
  • B-LIFE AND GOLD B-LIFE: Efficiently lowers blood sugar levels. 
    Supports optimal glucose metabolism. Helps provide the nutrition needed to beat insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. Counteracts the process of the cells being destroyed by the immune system in type 1 diabetes.

Traditional Nutritional Products

Children’s Health / Anti Aging Supplements

Blood Sugar Maintenance / Digestive Health

Heart Health / Skin Health

Women’s Health / Antioxidants

Bone & Joint Health / General Health

Energy & Mind Enhancement / Sports Nutrition

Vision Health / The Science of Nutraceuticals

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JSD Practitioners' Qualification

Pain Management Specialist

LTP. (Lymph Therapy Practitioner)

R.Ac./ R.TCMP.

(Registered Acupuncturist  /
Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

AMP(Alternative Medical Practitioner)
DC. (Doctor of Chiropractic)
HP. (Holistic Practitioner)

PVA. (Practitioner of Veterinary Acupuncture)

Lymph Therapy

(Cell Rejuvenation Therapy)

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